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Compliance Without Compromise

Compliance Devices

California's SB 880/AB 1135 states by 7/1/2018 your bullet button equipped firearm must:

     a) Registered as an Assault Weapon
     b) Converted to a Featureless Firearm
     c) Converted to a Fixed Magazine Firearm

MagLatch manufactures "ban state" compliance devices for modern sporting rifles. By equipping your firearm with a MagLatch compliance device you avoid California's Assault Weapon Registration requirements by reclassifying your firearm. You'll be able to retain all features such as: pistol grip, collapsible stock and flash hider. Our devices do not permanently alter your firearm in any way and completely unobtrusive. No need for drilling into your receiver, funny arms or non mil-spec parts hanging up your firearm.

MagLatch F.N.G.R.

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MagLatch AK

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MagLatch F.N.G.R. LWRC

MagLatch M1A

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MagLatch CZ 805 Bren

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MagLatch 91

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MagLatch 9/40 10/45

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MagLatch MP5

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MagLatch Saiga / VEPR 12

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Bypass Registration

MagLatch converts your rifle or pistol to a "fixed magazine firearm," reclassifying your firearm so that it does not need to be registered. With just MagLatch installed, your firearm complies with SB 880 / AB 1135.


MagLatch uses a unique approach to our design on all of our compliance devices. Instead of adding additional non mil-spec parts to your firearm, we have designed devices that are internal, unobtrusive, and completely hidden. Being drop-in parts, no modifications are made to your firearm.


MagLatch installs quickly and saves you time and money when compared to questionable featureless products or other solutions on the market that cost twice as much or more! MagLatch devices install in half the time of many other products on the market and is the only solution out there that is quickly reversible.


Can I use my existing magazines with MagLatch AK?

Yes, however doing so would constitute a felony. There are two modes to MagLatch, Ban State and Free State. Modified magazines is Ban State mode. Unmodified mags is Free State mode. It is not recommended to use MagLatch AK with any magazine except MagLatch Modified Magazines while in California, New York and other ban states.

Will this make my AR/AK Pistol legal?

Yes, MagLatch AK and F.N.G.R. convert your pistol into a fixed magazine firearm bypassing registration. 

What other states can use this device?

California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.

How do I remove the magazine with the F.N.G.R. installed?

The upper receiver must be opened in order for the F.N.G.R. to be removed. The magazine will not eject with the F.N.G.R. in the lower receiver.

Can I use my existing magazines with the F.N.G.R.?

Yes, the F.N.G.R. can be used with any magazine.

What happens if I lose the F.N.G.R.?

Backup F.N.G.R.'s can be purchased directly on our website. In the event that you lose the F.N.G.R. simply field strip your firearm before transporting and keep them separate until a replacement F.N.G.R. arrives.

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