Can I use my existing magazines with MagLatch AK?

Yes, however doing so would constitute a felony. There are two modes to MagLatch, Ban State and Free State. Modified magazines is Ban State mode. Unmodified mags is Free State mode. It is not recommended to use MagLatch AK with any magazine except MagLatch Modified Magazines while in California, New York and other ban states.

Will this make my AR/AK Pistol legal?

Yes, MagLatch AK and F.N.G.R. convert your pistol into a fixed magazine firearm bypassing registration. 

What other states can use this device?

California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.

How do I remove the magazine with the F.N.G.R. installed?

The upper receiver must be opened in order for the F.N.G.R. to be removed. The magazine will not eject with the F.N.G.R. in the lower receiver.

Can I use my existing magazines with the F.N.G.R.?

Yes, the F.N.G.R. can be used with any magazine.

What happens if I lose the F.N.G.R.?

Backup F.N.G.R.'s can be purchased directly on our website. In the event that you lose the F.N.G.R. simply field strip your firearm before transporting and keep them separate until a replacement F.N.G.R. arrives.

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