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MagLatch 91

MagLatch 91

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MagLatch 91 is the only fixed magazine compliance device for the HK 91/PTR91/HK91 Clones as well as HK93 and clones such as the Vector Arms V93. Bypass California's Assault Weapon Registration with MagLatch 91 or use to make your next purchase compliant. Completely drop-in, zero modifications to your firearm! The device installs and reverses as fast as you can field strip your 91.

MagLatch has two modes; Ban State and Free State. While in ban states top loading or loading through the ejection port is recommended for fastest reloads. When traveling to free states disassemble the action and rotate MagLatch 91 to the appropriate setting.

Your 91 clone must have the OEM magazine release components in order for MagLatch 91 to work properly (note, most manufacturers included the OEM magazine release components with your clone, check the case!):

Please note: this product will not work on Federal Arms FA91 or any HK 91 clone that doesn't have a trigger pack that separates from the upper receiver.

MagLatch has not been approved by the CA DOJ. This device is designed to conform to the law as written in SB-880/AB 1135 which would define “fixed magazine” to mean an ammunition feeding device contained in, or permanently attached to, a firearm in such a manner that the device cannot be removed without disassembly of the firearm action.

Patent Pending

Designed and Manufactured in Goleta, CA